The peasants are revolting

3 Oct

Anyone familiar with the excellent work of  Brownhills Bob will note that he has previously documented the utter contempt that Tesco have shown towards our town. Not merely content with leaving Brownhills High street destitute, our favourite ‘local’ retailer have seen it fit to insult us further with a minor renovation of the store, in the hope we will forget about their abandonment of Ravens Court and the Market Site.

Earlier this week whilst sniffing around I noted a chap struggling to return a trolley to one of the newly installed bays in the car park. I am sure you have all noticed that unlike the more affluent areas of the West Midlands, here in Brownhills we are only allowed a trolley on the proviso that we first place a £1 deposit in the on-board locking mechanism.

This lack of trust is perhaps disturbing enough, but the real piss take is noted in the picture below.

What’s the problem?

Perhaps this isn’t quite clear enough, have a closer look…

Empty Bay

Ignore the abandoned trolleys behind the ‘Zone 1’ return point and look at the horizontal wooden bar that runs across the centre of the picture. The reason the chap was struggling to return his trolley was owing to the fact that in order to get his quid back he either needed another trolley to be present, or he needed to use a fitted chain which should be attached to the horizontal wooden bar with an unlocking key attached to it.

When the bay is empty the fitted keychain allows the first trolley to go back in, subsequently allowing further trolleys to be returned. Every single trolley return point suffers from the same problem, unless there is already a trolley present, shoppers have to walk back to the main entrance of the store to return their carriage.

Now, let’s be honest, this isn’t a major issue for most people. I should imagine anyone with young children or those who lack mobility may find it a bit of a pisser to get back across the car park to return their trolley. However it does clearly demonstrate the amount of thought, effort and energy that has been put in to the Tesco turd -polish.

Perhaps Tesco can tell us why they have put up half a dozen ‘ceremonial’ shelters in their car park, which serve no purpose other than to frustrate shoppers at the end of their custom?

I am guessing that the fixed keychains must be forged  from the same ‘purest unobtainium’ that was used for the cycle rack at the front of the store… either that or this just another example of Tesco trying to make things look pretty without giving a damn if their store really meets the needs of its customers.

Anyone with half a brain from the store management team could have surely resolved this? Perhaps the senior staff were all too busy posing for their glossy cardboard cut-outs that adorn the store façade to notice, or perhaps Tesco really just don’t give a shit about you, me or the town that we live in.

Whichever it is, I am prepared to bet this situation goes unresolved for the indefinite future…


2 Responses to “The peasants are revolting”

  1. Clive October 4, 2012 at 7:18 pm #

    Nice One.


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