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Pool Lane, closed or open?

8 Jul

On a pleasant Sunday afternoon I was most upset to almost be mown down by a fat man riding a smelly, loud exhaust-fume belching motorbike. Now, I can attest that us canines are not renowned for our road sense, however, the incident occurred on a road which has been closed to traffic since 2007. Pool Lane, which runs parallel to the dam wall at the southern end of Chasewater Reservoir, is currently subject to a prohibition order which will make the ‘temporary’ motor vehicle ban that has been in place for the last five years permanent. If you want to know more about this I suggest you read this excellent post by Brownhills Bob.

Clearly, fatty on his fossil-fuel-fired pollution machine, must think that such restrictions do not apply to him and that Pool Lane is open for business. At the time of his transgression there were several small children on pedal bikes, joggers and walkers all using the road on a fine summer afternoon, not to mention other members of my species, too engrossed with sniffing each others backsides to notice the impending danger. After his near miss with me, the ignorant fool slowed somewhat and managed to avoid other pedestrians before zooming on through the non existent road block, designed to restrict such behaviour.

Aside from urinating on his spark-plugs, there are some steps we can all take to try and rectify this situation. If you have an ounce of common sense then use the details in Brownhills Bob’s post and contact the council to register your opposition to this road being reopened. I also would love the park management to have a look at the temporary blockade that is in place and see if it can be improved at all. As it currently stands Eddie Stobart could get one of his 18 wheelers through the gap where the scaffolding has been pulled out and the barrel turned. I appreciate that it still needs to allow pedal cycle users and other legitimate traffic through but any short-term maintenance would be most appreciated.


Pool Lane ‘road block’, Sunday 8th June 16:30

Hopefully my brush with the fat faced, helmeted road-hog will be an isolated incident and no serious injury, (to humans or dogs), will occur before this matter is permanently dealt with.